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Otakon 2011 Report Prologue

Otakon 2011 Report Prologue
01 авг 2011 06:39:07

I'm back from the annual trip to Otakon, the biggest anime convention in the East Coast.

Just a quick heads up here: it will likely be a while before I get everything concerning the convention mentioned in this blog. There's a few reasons for this, besides my usual task of writing an additional blog for Fandom Post:

1. Let's just say that I'm pretty much drained out from the con. How drained out? Let's just say I ended up taking a nap Saturday afternoon and was pretty much ready to head home on Sunday (don't worry, I do have a couple cosplay pics from that day; this has more to do with me having problems having to wait for others).

2. Including this post, my coverage of Otakon is going to span seven blog posts. You'll find out why I'm doing this when I cover the merchandise section of the report.

The reports will be ready as I finish them. So hopefully, I'll have the first one done by Wednesday (remember that I also have the report for Fandom Post to do as well).
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Chiaki (Australia)
01 авг 2011, 07:38:02
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Can't wait!

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