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Anime USA 2010 Cosplay

Anime USA 2010 Cosplay
20 ноя 2010 05:29:38

It's time for the second part of my coverage of Anime USA 2010. This time around, the focus is on the cosplay.

Usually, I really don't take that much cosplay photos when I go to Anime USA. The reason for that usually stems around the convention's small size and the fact that most cosplay appears to be "common" (i.e. the same stuff I usually see at other conventions). However, this year, Anime USA has plenty of interesting cosplay, which resulted in plenty of pictures this time around.

Flonne (in her fallen angel form) from the various Disgaea games (as well as Trinity Universe).

Fang from Final Fantasy XIII and a Cactaur (one of the regular monsters in the Final Fantasy Universe).

How appropriate for a weekend where I celebrate my birthday.

BTW, the sign is a nod to the video game Portal.

Mr. Ninja, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? 1,473 (yes, that's what the ninja said when I asked that question).

Some old school CLAMP with Kendappa from RG Veda

More Disgaea cosplay, this time in the form of Fuuka, the Prinny hat-wearing character from the upcoming fourth game.

Carl (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), complete with working Foreigner Belt (by working, I mean it also works as an iPod speaker).

A group of cosplayers representing the anime Pretear.

Frank, the giant bunny from the film Donnie Darko.

I did not hit her, it's not true! It's bullcrap! I did not hit her! I did *not*. Oh hi, Anime USA attendee. Johnny from the Tommy Wiseau film, The Room.

Ordinary cosplay: Dressing as Vocaloid Miku Hatsune.
Unique cosplay: Dressing as Miku in her Red Riding Hood outfit from Project Diva 2.

Flame Swordsman from Yu-Gi-Oh. Now if I can just find a good "abridged" line as a caption to accompany this picture.

Ordinary cosplay: Dressing as one of the Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z.
Unique cosplay: Dressing up as Fasha, a female Saiyan from the Bardock special.

*CENSORED* yeah, Seaking!

A Rockford Peach from A League of Their Own, a 1992 film based on an actual women's baseball league that was around in the 1940's.

The only thing that the film version of Land of the Lost got right: a Sleestak.
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a124214 (Netherlands)
20 ноя 2010, 07:22:59
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Johnny cosplay? Unexpectable. chirp-chirp-chirp-chirp, cheep, cheep.
KururuSouchou (USA)
20 ноя 2010, 22:44:30
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HNNNNNG, that moe Sleestak!


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