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LOOTS!! Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki vs Yamori

LOOTS!! Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki vs Yamori
14 авг 2019 03:15:28


Hello MAS!!!

Well I finally have it, my first "official", large statue purchase - Figurama Collector's Kaneki vs Yamori 1/6 scale Elite Fandom diorama Figurama Collector's Kaneki vs Yamori!

...and well let me just say, it's stunning! :D

Sadly it had to sit for a bit, as real/life work was kicking my butt and I still needed to do some things to finalize his forever home / display area! I received him on a Tuesday and by that weekend I was exploding with excitement to open him up and could wait NO LONGER!! So here are a few shots of the unboxing / assembly as well as some shots of the fully assembled piece and the amazing detail!

The box was pretty large, and sadly UPS had truly jacked the outer box, which had me a bit concerned, but it proved an unnecessary concern as Figurama packs the hell out of these things, so their revolutionary box-within-a-box-within-a-box-within-a-box technology ensure my goods were safe and sound, including the beautiful inner packaging / box. So impressive!!

The box had two layers of packed in parts and pieces with a nice envelope, equipped with a wax seal of the Figurama logo, which included a super nice instruction booklet for putting Kaneki together, a super awesome art print, and the certificate of authenticity!

The piece initially came with two heads for Kaneki (the serious face and masked face) and two for Yamori (one with his Kagune enveloping his face and the other with it fully revealed), but the Figurama team are awesome and listened to fan feedback, and added a third Kaneki portrait, of his wild, crazed face. WIN!!!

There were two bust stands also included, for displaying the spare heads that were not on the actual diorama (though that does mean that one Kaneki head will not have a stand since it was added after). I might add this is such a wonderful idea for Figurama to do, as now you can display the alternate portraits as little busts versus having them packed away or something. Hope more companies do this or at least that Figurama will do this for all their pieces go forward!

The wounds and details on Kaneki's hands and feet are exceptional, they actually make me want to rub my wrists and ankles (looks painful!!). They did a really great job on the paint and detailing! The blood-stained shirt and texturing in the clothes is impressive as well.

Kaneki and Yamori's Kagunes are equally impressive as well! There is a blend of rich colors used in both and they just pop!

Every little part is just so impressive too (including the spilling blood bucket, which if I'm being honest is one of my favorites details on this outstanding piece)!!

The LED feature in the base is awesome too, and one of the frames flickers, just like a creepy hallway from some scary movie (like in the hospital scenes or something)!!

And here he is all put together, from various different angles. Such a wonderful piece, I am truly in love! And having seen both the prototype and final painted production piece in person, I'd say Figurama's quality is extremely impressive!

And here are some additional pics I snapped after setup. Love all the textures and attention to detail that was added into this piece!

Thanks for checking my blog out all the way to the end, and hope you saw something you liked!!

Catch you later MAS!

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Elite Fandom Statue Kaneki VS Oomori
Elite Fandom Statue Kaneki VS Oomori
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