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07 июл 2013 04:25:25

Not figure related, but my anime obsession got me to this point:

Later this year I will officially be a published professional writer!

Below is a blurb for the book!

Hunters 1: Seeking the Storyteller

They say the Storyteller live in a massive library full of books that tell the story of each being's life, living or dead. He can read these books and rewrite them; changing anything he wants, even if it's already happened. Alix DeBenit is determined to do anything to get his family back and when he finds out about the Storyteller, he jumps at the chance. The problem is that he was trained to hunt demons...

... not work with them.

You can use the below links for updates, and I'll post once the book is available!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/storytellerhuntersseries
Tumblr: huntersseries.tumblr.com
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Drakonishe (Russia)
07 июл 2013, 10:50:47
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