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Beauty and the Beast cosplay progress (now with working pictures)

Beauty and the Beast cosplay progress (now with working pictures)
12 мар 2011 15:19:57

So my partner and I are dressing up as Beauty and the Beast, based on the Jim Shore wooden statues that you can usually find at the Hallmark Store. I realize it's not anime, but with Kingdom Hearts and such, Disney princess cosplay has been accepted at cons and I really wanted to challenge myself with these outfits to see if I could pull it off.

So first off, here's the two pictures that the costumes are going to be based on:

The top of the Beast's jacket so far. I still need to add the collar and the funky swirl details. We chose to use patterned fabric so that it would copy the patterns the statues have on the outfits, but not stand out quite as much. (Please ignore the petticoats hanging under the jacket, obviously the Beast will not have a skirt, lol!)

And finally here's the pictures for her dress. This first one is a test shot with the two types of fabric I'm using and how the ruffle will look. When it's done it will poof out more, but I wanted to make sure I could make the ruffles look the way I wanted them to.

And this is the painted panel (which I just finished last night) which will go on the front of the dress. The whole panel is hand painted with fabric paints.

I'll be sure to post pictures when it's completely done too!
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