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Hi Hi! Its been quite a while since my last post I might as well make my comeback post useful. In the past, I have encountered MANY broken Nendoroid joints Ok, only 2 But still, its very sad to have a broken Nendoroid joint! Especial...
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Last night Kagami was all alone beacause Azusa left her to practice. No worries! Kagami was able to explore around her new surroundings (I just got her last week). So enjoy as Kagami encounters the "iPhone" Kagmi: Hm. What should I...
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Just tells a random story...
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These are a list of online figure shops: AmiAmi – Most of you know this website. A Japanese website specializing in anime figures. They have massive things on sale. But because of its popularity, most popular figures get sold out very quickly (...
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Hi guys. Happy Chinese New Year!!! Hope everyone has good luck this following year ^^ So, I recently put my figures back in their box to get out from dust because I don't have time to clean them, etc >_< so what do you guys do about your figu...
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[This post was updated @ March 28, 2011] Hi hi! My last sale was kind of a success since I sold all of the figures • Shugo Chara Vol 1 (My name is inside, but I scribbled it lightly with marker) $8 USD, FREE shipping in USA, Internationa...
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