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Sebastian came with a friend.

Sebastian came with a friend.
22 дек 2009 10:21:12

Sebastian came in way earlier this month but I just recently got batteries for my camera. So I just came to leave this picture and say that I'm so pleased with him. x3

Keiji belongs to my roommate. D: I just wanted a picture of them two together since they sit on the shelf together.
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usagi_joou (Russia)
22 дек 2009, 01:50:25
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Wow, they look super-cool together! As if chibi Keiji is REALLY annoyed by that smile of Sebi - "What is that big fat jerk is smiling about?! Hey, it pisses me off! I'm gonna kill him!"
But almighty Sebastian knows it. And of course he won't let it.
Poor Keiji... it will be hard on him. Don't do it, Keiji!! ^_____^
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
Glory (Russia)
22 дек 2009, 10:53:06
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Cutie-cutie-cute! Congratulations with Sebastian! ^_^
Why does no one make a pic with kitty?
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
carol_nyaan (Brazil)
01 фев 2013, 04:43:30
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Sebby is just one of the cutest anime character ever
Heeeeeey, I'm still starting my Figure collection

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