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Figure News: New Figuarts preorders open (for all of five minutes)

Figure News: New Figuarts preorders open (for all of five minutes)
05 апр 2011 22:51:07

Alright, I'm in a bit of a love-hate relationship with Bandai at the moment. On one hand, their last batch of announcements was one of the most impressive this year. But on the other hand, they still don't know how to distribute their products effectively.

Two nights ago, preorders opened for Bandai's three July SHF releases (Ankh, OOO ShaUTa Combo, and ICHIGO), along with some One Piece merchandise. The preorders opened at around 4AM EST at Amiami, and they sold out in less than five minutes. The same thing happened an hour later, when Amiami opened more as Hobby SEarch put up their listings. HLJ put theirs up at around 6AM and closed them about 12 hours later, but it's unknown if they'll actually be able to fill all those preorders.

So, what if you missed these ever-so-fleeting opportunities (and believe me, you're not alone - I'm still speechless at the fact that I was able to nab Ankh and Ichigo right as HLJ's orders opened)? First off, don't despair - you do have a few options left. Several of the smaller stores such as BigInJapan and Otacute tend to get them in at slower rates, and sell out at slower rates as well. As of this writing, BigInJapan still has Ankh and Ichigo (ShaUTa's sold out), and Otacute has yet to open preorders. There's also the slightly riskier option of watching HLJ/Amiami/etc. for new slots to open - they tend to open at random intervals, and there are also intervals when the figure's in-stock upon release. Lastly, if you're patient, you could wait for non-Japanese retailers to get them. For example, US distributor Entertainment Earth currently has the April SHFs for preorder at around Japanese price, and since they distribute products as well as selling them, most local comic/hobby shops would be able to get them upon request.

Anyway, were you lot able to get the preorders you wanted? And is anyone else getting a bit frustrated with Bandai's distribution? Sound off below!
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Viridia (USA)
06 апр 2011, 06:55:22
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I kind of got lucky getting the two I wanted ( SHF KAMEN RIDER, and UNKH ), I just obliviously woke up checked hlj and preordered them there. Usually I' am camping amiami, with that "check4change" plug-in eagerly get a preorder in. I assume that there are that many buyers, let alone retailers have to have enough in-stock for those who are going to physically be waiting at the store to buy it up. Or it could be some odd/poor item distribution, somewhat like those revoltech enki awhile back. I should admit it is rather bothersome for someone who does not check often, heck I just go lucky this time, I spent a good week waiting for OCC Birth until I saw it in-stock at HLJ randomly.

Pardon me for my text wall.
KururuSouchou (USA)
06 апр 2011, 20:41:11
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I think that the current situation is a lot like what was happening with the Figma line about this time last year; that the batches they planned were simply too small to leave most customers satisfied. I'm hoping that Bandai does what Max Factory did and starts making them to-order, which would mean a longer wait between preorder and release in return for everyone being able to get one.

Of course, based on what the folks at Amiami and Otacute have told me, Kamen Rider OOO stuff in particular is selling like hotcakes (far more than many KR series of recent years). Even physical-store buyers have to line up on restock days to buy stuff, and this applies to pretty much all OOO merchandise (not just the collector-oriented stuff). I feel sorry for the kids who just want a toy of the newest Kamen Rider, as even the sofubis are selling out stupid-fast. Hell, I'm still impressed that I managed to find OCC Birth at all - but the day after I found him for $42 on /toy/'s BST, Amiami restocked. Either way, feels good man.
Kajico (USA)
08 апр 2011, 22:57:53
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This is the first time I've ever missed a Figuarts preorder, it snuck up on me while I was at work and didn't get to check Amiami.

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