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Figure News: Durarara!!, JoJo getting more figure releases

Figure News: Durarara!!, JoJo getting more figure releases
19 ноя 2010 00:50:58

Ah, Medicos. You sure do love releasing repaints, don't ya? Of course, it makes sense, given that much of the cast of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has no canonical color scheme (oh Araki, you so silly~). Therefore, it's cool that they give people choices among the widely-accepted color schemes. And they're continuing this trend into their Part IV line-up, with...

S.A.S. Killer Queen, 2P Ver.

Killer Queen, go back to bed...

February's S.A.S. release is a pink version of Killer Queen, the bomb-creating Stand of serial killer Kira Yoshikage. Part IV was my favorite JoJo arc, but I held out on getting Kira and his stand in the hopes that they'd make them in more colorful schemes - and it seems my wish came true! Killer Queen, despite being a shade of pink making him resemble a buff Mewtwo, includes the exact same accessories as the first release, including hands, an onomatopoeia plate, and Stray Cat (who can fit in his belly). This just leaves me wondering what color the 2P version of Kira will be, and if they'll do 2P versions of Crazy Diamond or Josuke. Moving on to more recent series, there's also...

Kaitendoh's Celty Sturluson

It's like... headless Catwoman!

From the popular newcomer Durarara!! comes the legendary "Headless Rider" of Ikebukuro, Celty Sturluson! The skilled rider and fighter on a search for her head is finally getting a PVC representation courtesy of Kaitendoh. One particularly nice touch would be the alternate piece that can be placed to show what remains of her head. It should be noted that there's also an alternate "Ikebukuro Night Version" of this figure, although there really doesn't seem to be any noticeable difference between the two. The paint on the helmet may be metallic on the Night version, but maybe it's just the lighting. Either way, these virtually-identical figures ship in March!

So, anyone planning to get Killer Queen, or are they playing spot-the-difference with Celty? Sound off below!

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mu597 (USA)
19 ноя 2010, 01:14:14
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When you said Durarara I actually thought you were talking about JoJo for a second... I'm actually sort of glad that there going to make a second Kira but only if it comes with a head representing his "second hair style" thats my favorite of his looks.

And about the Celty Sturluson figure I was staring at the pictures for a wile trying to figure out the differences, the regular seems more glossily wile the Night Ver seems more metallic. It doesn't help that the lighting is diffident making the differences harder to make out.
dark_ogamiya (Russia)
19 ноя 2010, 02:36:56
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Celty so beautiful...
Vallefor (Russia)
20 ноя 2010, 19:17:50
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Oh... They should really make more aggressive Celty in epic pose with shadows... Or just with a bike.
This Celty looks very plain =/
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