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The Day I Found THE BOX

The Day I Found THE BOX
24 окт 2010 19:31:07

I got home on Friday to find a mysterious box in my mail.

It was from Russia... could it be? I opened it up, and found this.

According to the card, it was a birthday gift from the MAS team! Included in the bag was a Fate/stay Night Petit Nendoroid, a taiyaki eraser, and a cute MAS badge!

Many thanks, guys! Ilya has a new home on my Petit shelf, and Unit 02 enjoyed the taiyaki a lot!
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Nendoroid Petite Fate/Stay Night: Ilya Coat Ver
Nendoroid Petite Fate/Stay Night: Ilya Coat Ver
Revoltech EVA-02 Beast Ver.
Revoltech EVA-02 Beast Ver.
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platina (Russia)
24 окт 2010, 19:37:59
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Congratulations =)
usagi_joou (Russia)
24 окт 2010, 20:00:22
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Congratulations! Ilya is sooo cute! I wonder what petit will I have? (the mystery - you're in USA, and your prize is already there; me and Glory live in one country, one region, practically one city - and we just can't arrange a meeting^__^)
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
Viridia (USA)
24 окт 2010, 20:14:49
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grats man :)
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a124214 (Netherlands)
24 окт 2010, 21:27:01
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Cool! Congratulations! :)
Vivi (Russia)
25 окт 2010, 02:58:31
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Congrats! She's my fav from this set =)
Eiji (Singapore)
25 окт 2010, 13:14:53
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Glory (Russia)
26 окт 2010, 15:47:40
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Awwww, glad you liked it :)
I'm always a bit worried when I send thing abroad. I was much relieved to discover this post of yours :)
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