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Nendo-corner: Nendoroid Racing Miku 2011 ver.

Nendo-corner: Nendoroid Racing Miku 2011 ver.
06 апр 2011 10:41:45

Ta-da! Here is 2011 RQ Miku ^__^

I don't know why, but I was a bit shocked when seen this picture ><

So, this Miku is available for preorders on NicoNico Chokuhan.

Just as with others QR Mikus you have four sets of goodies at your choice:

Miku will come with parasol and racing car as usual.

Also, another good news:
Nendoroid Sanae Kochiya will be re-released ^__^

Preorders will be available starting tomorrow.
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SIRen (Canada)
06 апр 2011, 11:24:19
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I might get Sanae. I haven't played her Touhou game, but she is so cute. ;3
Mamimi (Estonia)
06 апр 2011, 13:27:50
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Как-то слишком много Мику.
Мне кажется,что Мику в оранжевом костюме была лучше ,_,
Но,были бы деньги,я бы купила такую.Только без прочего стаффа.
This signature needs to be about 20% cooler.
mu597 (USA)
06 апр 2011, 14:13:06
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Oh god! that price.
Jobibi (USA)
06 апр 2011, 16:52:42
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Eh, the clothes weren't as nice as I was hoping for from the last image. I really dig the hear though, and like the gloves and boots. Maybe if I was feeling more enterprising I could turn her into something more Append-ish, but that's a pretty good chunk of money, especially once you get proxy fees in there. T_T;

I'm also really glad to see all the Touhous are getting re-releases. Gives people (like me) who missed them the first time another opportunity, and even if you can't pick them up right away the prices should come down a bit from the second-hand sellers.
06 апр 2011, 17:24:52
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Big in Japan will open the pre-orders for Miku soon..

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