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Nendo-corner: Nendoroid Airi (Queen's Blade)

Nendo-corner: Nendoroid Airi (Queen's Blade)
10 мар 2011 06:10:07

Nendoroid Airi is available for pre-orders now (2600Y at AmiAmi)


Price: 3500Yen
Release date: June 2011

She is a bit plain and has only two faces, but her maid outfit is cute (and twintails moe >.<)

Do you like nendo Airi?
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mu597 (USA)
10 мар 2011, 17:21:25
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The QB Nendos are always so plain looking. But Airi is one of my favorites so I'm going to get her.
Jobibi (USA)
10 мар 2011, 18:33:11
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Hmm, I don't care for the character (or any QB characters at that lol) but I want it for the flames and outfit. I'll probably wait it out and see if I can't pick it up a bit cheaper later. June's too busy to buy things just for parts. XD
Impending_Sky (Russia)
10 мар 2011, 18:34:39
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You just said exactly what i was thinking about Oo
Jobibi (USA)
10 мар 2011, 19:34:35
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I'm in your head~~~ >:D

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