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I love my Ganta

I love my Ganta
28 мар 2010 18:43:49

And here is a close-up photo-session of my beloved Ganta.
In case you don't know, Ganta is my "son" - a medium-sized BJD made by Dream of Doll.

He doesn't have much clothes, so it's his usual gothic dress again. Actually Ganta doesn't consider himself a goth. He's a normal Japanese (can you imagine it?) boy at the age of 14. He's based on an original character and has a story, but I don't feel like telling it - since I don't have a cosplay costume for him. Later.

Unfortunately Ganta has two weak points. He's not very photogenic (or I just have no idea how to make it right). I threw out most of his full length shots. How can a doll look so impressive in real life and so crappy on photos? The other problem is his wig. It sticks out in all directions, but I don't have enough skills to cut it. Anyways, here he is - my Ganta.

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Yokay (Russia)
28 мар 2010, 10:25:59
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Тоже хотел купить BJD , но они дорогие ТТ
Пробовала парик с помощью пенки уложить? Парик вроде из Канекалона, значит должно получится.
Glory (Russia)
29 мар 2010, 09:14:59
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Нет, ничего не пробовала делать. Подумываю заказать еще несколько париков - для экспериментов, они дешевые.
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While you so softly do sleep...
pineappleskewer (USA)
28 мар 2010, 10:44:29
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His lips and eyes are quite mesmerizing! It's too bad real people don't have such dazzling eyes. :P I must say, that is one elegant outfit! I adore the frilly collar and brooch.
Oh Japan, why you gotta make everything so darn expensive? ; n;
Nedzumi (Russia)
29 мар 2010, 02:32:46
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С ума сойти! Она просто нечто,но мне даже на такую красоту бы денег жалко было..
usagi_joou (Russia)
29 мар 2010, 07:04:27
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Quite impressive! I've been to a Dream of a Doll site recently, and I really liked what I've seen there. Of course, my main point about BJDs being "too perfect to be alive" is still active, but I admire DoaD craftsmanship, all that details and very, very stylish outfits.

It strangely reminds me of Bleach by Kubo Taito. His art, not concerning manga-series but just using charas from there posing in great and stylish outfits somehow resembles me DoaD style conception.

Photos are great! My favorite one is a sideshot with MAS pin.
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
Eld (Canada)
30 мар 2010, 16:51:53
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I was hoping to get a doll myself, but the prices are putting me off.


Looks nice, but prices...my god.
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