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Nendoroid Racing Miku

Nendoroid Racing Miku
15 мар 2010 21:35:18

Miku is becoming more & more extravagant recently.
How do you like her Nendoroid Racing version? Good Smile Racing sponsorship obviously.
As far as I know she's an exclusive - meaning one needs to sponsor the GSC Race Team for one of their upcoming events if they want the figurine. I didn't bother to get the details though.

I especially like the art which goes last :)

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Velorn (Russia)
15 мар 2010, 13:49:38
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I'm sorry for my bad English xD
Eld (Canada)
15 мар 2010, 13:51:17
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Hmm... not as particular about this one compared to snow miku :/
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No one can escape the sin that flows in their veins
mu597 (USA)
15 мар 2010, 14:46:33
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I love it! But not going to sell my soul to Good Smile to get one. ;_;
pineappleskewer (USA)
15 мар 2010, 16:03:55
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She's very cute, but I wish they would stop making so many Mikus. It would be nice if a Meiko was made and a re-release of Kaito would be lovely.

It seems like every other Nendoroid they've been releasing is an exclusive.... GSC is being pretty mean! D':
Oh Japan, why you gotta make everything so darn expensive? ; n;
usagi_joou (Russia)
16 мар 2010, 00:14:56
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Love her colors. "Natural" Miku is all sea-green it is kinda boring. Yellow makes her better^^
But agreed with pineappleskewer - too many Mikus!
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
Yokay (Russia)
16 мар 2010, 04:16:56
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что-то Мику на себя не похожа >_<
Она какая-то странная...
Glory (Russia)
16 мар 2010, 10:33:06
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Myself, I like her hair-cut and smiling face... such a cutie ~^_^~
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