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WonFes 2010 Winter Catalogue!

WonFes 2010 Winter Catalogue!
30 янв 2010 03:27:35


It's finally here! My friend scanned several pages of it and passed it onto me. Not quite done scanning the entire thing yet, but I thought I might as well upload what's there.

The catalogue is not exactly user-friendly if you don't know Japanese, and even then it's somewhat obscure from what I'm hearing. But nonetheless, here it is.

As well, http://www.abc-labo.com/ is a great source for finding out photos of figures coming out for WonFes 2010 Winter.

Also just finished adding the three figures I managed to pre-order. It was literally a fight to the bitter end to get the website to respond, but at around 4 hours mark, managed to get the confirmation e-mail for the figure. Great times :)
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Glory (Russia)
30 янв 2010, 09:07:37
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The only thing I can say about the catalog is that it does not have any aesthetic value. Black and white pages with pretty simple advertising.
But I enjoyed the link you mentioned a lot. Thanks for sharing! Just look what I found there:

P.S.: what site were you talking about? Hope, not ours XD
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Eld (Canada)
30 янв 2010, 13:56:11
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Yeah, it does not. It was also hard to glean any useful info off of it either.

The site I was talking about is Keumaya's own web store. It basically started shutting down about 5 minutes prior to the figures' release time, then kept going down for the next 4~5 hours.
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