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AWA convention shopping help

AWA convention shopping help
24 дек 2012 03:23:41

Anywho this is my first time going, I dont go to conventions very often. Anywho I made a rough list of the things I want to buy there but I have no idea how to check if my price estimates are correct. The convection area is going to be really huge this time as they have gotten a contract with three hotel buildings so the shop area is going to be huge. I looked at the list of venders and there are at least thirty of them and its in september next year. It wouldnt make sense to check each indivdual store to find a price for the stuff I want... so how do you prepare your budget for large anime conventions. Also if you buy alot of stuff do you carry a large bag or do you just go back and forth to your car?
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ToonAddict (USA)
24 дек 2012, 04:28:13
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When it comes to conventions, here's my comments on each of the subjects.

In terms of what to buy and how much cash to bring, outside of some anime titles that I plan to buy (which I do budget into my spending amount), most of the purchases I make at an anime convention are usually impulse buys (with me not knowing the price until the convention itself). However, it is still useful to "shop around" and compare prices before making a purchase. As for how much to bring, it's best to have a decent amount of cash with you (at least $200 in a check card and $100 in cash), especially given what the room may offer.

Preparing for a con: There's two main ways I do this. First, I try to keep track of what I'm buying before the con (and the week after the con) and budget myself so that I can afford those items and still have enough money for the con (if not, I also have some "emergency" money in my bank account that I can use). Second, one thing I do to ensure that I have cash for the con is wrapping coins and saving up dollar bills, with me cashing them in the day before the convention. Believe me: there's a lot of cash that can be used just by saving all your loose change.

Carrying my purchases: Usually, since I have a family member drop me off at the con (I don't have a driver's license), I end up carrying my stuff around for most of the con until a family member comes to either take me home for the night or get a bite to eat. However, when it comes to Otakon, I do sometimes return my stuff back to my hotel room when I get a chance to do so.

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