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Dont want him anymore looking to sell or wishlist trade...
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Anywho this is my first time going, I dont go to conventions very often. Anywho I made a rough list of the things I want to buy there but I have no idea how to check if my price estimates are correct. The convection area is going to be really huge t...
фигурки вопрос жизнь отаку
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So to to help in the aid of farewell to this month this article shall be dedicated to powerful team ups! Our first power couple! *drumroll please* Naraku(Inuyasha) and Orochimaru(Naruto) Yes we are all screwed. These back-stabbing, mind bend...
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Yay it's my B-day so I'm going to doing a sexy article! The japanese hugging pillow also known as a dakimakura and up until recently a mostly male only merchandise. A dakimakura is a body pillow with a image of your favorite anime charcter on it.
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It's not fair guys get all the good stuff in anime merchandise! I mean hello there are girls on this planet that watch anime you know! I mean there are like 30 diffrent figures of the same charcter for them to choose from, ranging from poseable,remov...
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