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Chiaki's opinion!: Angel Beats!

Chiaki's opinion!: Angel Beats!
07 авг 2011 04:35:15

Chiaki's Opinion!

=Angel Beats!=

"Please note that it is really hard to talk about my thoughts of an anime without spoilers. That being said, you should have seen this anime before hand."

This anime is already one year old but I've only just really got into watching anime this year so you can forgive me right? It's now after my trial exam period and I decided to kick off some my relaxation with Angel Beats! Let's just say right off the bat that Key have done a wonderful job and have really stepped up to their previous masterpieces (My opinion) of the likes of Kanon and Clannad. Just like their previous works, Angel Beats! manages to balance comedy, drama, action, adventure and romance into only 13 episodes. That being said I would say that this is also the anime's major flaw.

Being so short and having an outrageously huge character list, the 13 episodes just doesn't do each character justice. In the end I think only 6 characters get the focus. After Iwasawa's disappearance I was really interested to see how this one season was going to fit a story for each character. But alas characters had to be neglected.

Another thing is that the story's pace is pretty much all over the place(Just like this post). Take Naoi's arc for an example (Episode 6). I don't like how one episode he's the most evil character on screen but the next episode he's joined the SSS members, and turns out to be a really funny character. I know I wouldn't forgive a person that quickly after they beat the daylights out of me. But this all has to do with the short 13 episodes so of course things had to be rushed.


Stories are as expected from Key. Most of my emotions and sympathy were directed towards Yui however I'm not too sure that I appreciate them playing the "paralyzed girl" card to make me cry.

Because in all honesty I would rather they did not go to such lengths to make us feel sorry for her. She's such an energetic character and I had a great time watching her parts.. ahem.. I mean scenes. But it was Hinata who saved the day in this arc.


"Even if you can't walk or stand, or even if you can't have kids!.. I'll still marry you"
"If I can meet you again, against the 6 billion to 1 odds, and even if your body can't move, I'll marry you."
It probably was way too cliche but what are you going to do? Very sweet way to end the arc.


Good points are that just like Clannad and Kanon, it's got some really laugh out loud moments. A good anime for me is one that can make me cry one second then make me roll around the floor of laughter. Points for that!


It was also nice to see the leader Yuri get embarrassed.. hehe more more!

What is not to like about girls with guns? I'm a really big mw2 geek and well I was pretty pumped to see Yuri using an intervention in the first episode. Pretty bad-ass hoho.

I also wouldn't have minded that Shiina be given more screen time. She's an awesome character.


The Ending. What is there really to say about the ending. I guess it was credible and I was satisfied. Life is not fair and as hard as it was to see Kanade disappear, its a part of life. Good thing the last 10 seconds of episode 13 gave us a peek at Kanade and Otonashi's meeting or I would have felt a little empty.

It's pretty evident that there were just too many ideas crammed into the anime and made for a bit of a mess at times. Yet another anime I blogged about has received a 9/10 from me because even though it's on par with Clannad and Kanon, the short length made for some nasty flaws in what could have been a true masterpiece. In My Opinion!

That's about it. This anime was great fun and I can't wait for more like these. Until next time!
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Vallefor (Russia)
08 авг 2011, 06:31:04
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I agree with you, but my mark is 10/10! :) I really like that comedy/drama mix. But the end was very sad for me. Its hard to understand about last 10 seconds, but may be they put it in to prevent us crying? :P

Naoi become my favorite character (after Kanade.. hehe) when he joined SSS. There was a lot of funny scenes with him :)
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Chiaki (Australia)
08 авг 2011, 07:49:23
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Angel Beats! is still a very good anime so I don't think I can argue with your 10/10 rating!

And Naoi I agree is very funny indeed.
Viridia (USA)
08 авг 2011, 09:18:09
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I always did want to watch this anime, yet I've always been putting it off.

Nonetheless, thanks for keeping it spoiler free (for the most part) I completely disregarded the first sentence in your blog, but I'm looking forward to viewing this, and it's a story from Key, I'm sure it's not going throw too many plot twists.
Chiaki (Australia)
08 авг 2011, 10:46:22
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Onoz! I think there are quite a few things I mention that aren't too huge but can still be classified as spoilers I'm so sorry, I really wasn't expecting people who haven't seen the anime to read this.

Nonetheless I don't think I reveal any major plot spoilers so I hope/am sure you will really enjoy this anime!

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