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The music of Anime

The music of Anime
05 июн 2011 06:57:38

===The Music of Anime===

I have never blogged before. This is my first!

As much as it is fun to collect figures of your favourite character of an anime, I just love to play the songs of anime.I just can't get over the fact that the piano songs I learn are influenced by the anime I watch. It really is a good feeling to print out sheets from an anime I just saw and play the Opening or Ending song, because some of the songs are ridiculously good.
Just like how some of you in AnimeShelf get figures of anime you have no knowledge of, I'm finding myself learning songs faster than I can watch the anime itself.

Two of my youtube pianist heroes :)
Kyle Landry

Here's just a few piano covers that amaze me and I think you will like.

Kimi ni Todoke: Opening Theme

Spirited Away: Inochi no Namae

Kingdom Hearts II: Passion

Clannad: Dango Daikazoku

Well that's my inspiration for playing piano.... ANIME! heck sometimes I even learn the background music just because its catchy =3. Thanks for reading (all three of you!) I'm not too sure what I'm doing but I just felt so strongly about anime songs, I had to write about it.

O hey. Just figured out how to embed videos :P achievement unlocked Until next time!

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PinchOfPaprika (Russia)
05 июн 2011, 07:22:50
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I can understand you! I play songs from anime,with I know. It's a great feeling to hear original misic,which you play on you own.
Chiaki (Australia)
05 июн 2011, 07:25:44
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RubeeAmadare (Russia)
05 июн 2011, 07:28:21
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Kingdom Hearts II - PASSION i like this song so much ^_________^
minorin_rin (Russia)
05 июн 2011, 08:03:34
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Clannad *__* I really like it! And other songs beautiful too)
Thank you for a posting ^_^
2yariK (Russia)
05 июн 2011, 09:55:39
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That's so amazing indeed!) I would add Howl's Moving Castle theme music also composed by Joe Hisaishi :3 love it very much!
MrsSkeeter (Germany)
05 июн 2011, 11:12:53
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Awwww, the Dango song)) It's super-addictive!

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