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Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre

Другие названия:
The Boy Fascinating the Fighting God
Баки — Сын Великана
Tип: ONA (12 эп.), 25 мин.
Эфир: 30 сентября, 2021
трансляция окончена
Жанры: Экшн
Боевые искусства
Студия: TMS
Рейтинг: 7.53
Среднее: 7.78 (9 голосов)
Схватили: 15


After numerous deadly fights against strong opponents, Baki has finally reached the level to challenge his father Yuujirou, The Strongest Creature on Earth. Before his fight against Yuujirou, Baki chooses the "just right" sparring opponent in Mr. Unchained, a.k.a. Biscuit Oliva, who is considered to be as strong as Yuujirou. Baki intends to become one step stronger by defeating Oliva. However, Oliva is now at the "Black Pentagon": the prison complex in Arizona, USA exclusively used to contain extremely dangerous criminals. In order to fight Oliva, Baki decides to be imprisoned at the Black Pentagon, but other extraordinary fighters are waiting for him. The only rule in this prison is power!!


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Baki (ONA) Sequel ONA 26 7.54 7.71
Baki 2nd Season ONA 13 7.78 8.2
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