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Super Action Statue 13 Crazy Diamond

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i wish you a good night~ [jojo style]

добавлена вторая часть с другими персонажами~ идея этого шуточного фотосета взята с подсказки Yareyare. фото не перевёрнуты, они изначально сделаны вверх ногами. мой выбор в данном случае - фиолетовый Платинум и Диаволо %) PART 2: накопилось ещё фигурок, добавляю в...

laforeze | | 20 сен 2015

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Why did i get sal shipping?

I got my eagerly awaited Giant Robo / Killer Queen package in the mail today and i couldn't be happier with them. (Well maybe if they got here sooner.) Have done an excellent job on Giant Robo All of his revoltech joints are very well hidden. He doesn't have too many extras though manly just...

mu597 | Фигурки и куклы | 17 июл 2010

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Mini Double Review!

My Super action statue Crazy diamond and Nendoroid pullback car Rin came in the mail today so let's look at them. First up is Nendoroid pull back car Rin. This is a fun concept with a neat feature. The car doesn't start rolling until you place the figure on top this is activated by a magnet.

mu597 | Фигурки и куклы | 07 апр 2010

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