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Ayanami Rei Yukata Ver

аватар поста:

Очередная продажа.

В очереденой раз переписываю продажный пост, добавляя ряд позиций. Как всегда, возможен разумный торг. Хомура you are not alone. Аккуратнейше фоткалась дома, но есть косяк, небольшая потертость на голове, если кто-то ей заинтересуется, сделаю фото. Также пара малозаметных повреждений на к...

TomatheSpook | | 14 апр 2015

аватар поста:

And another picspam

My favorite one. Her base is made in a same way as Yukata Rei's, a long semicircle with place for a paper with the background image. They look perfectly together by the way :3 I also got some loot from Luceo as I was taking part in a few of her joint orders. I was so sleepy and tired when I...

TomatheSpook | Фигурки и куклы | 01 июн 2013

аватар поста:

Spring picspam 2013

(SECOND!) Little Suu (thanks to Lighter for her): (THIRD!) a lot of Hanekawa with ponies. I wanted to shoot her on a gloomy day but forgot her base, at first I got really upset and kinda angry but then realized that we happen to have some plastic horses with us. Tsubasa found some new fri...

TomatheSpook | Фигурки и куклы | 21 мая 2013

аватар поста:

Ayanami Rei Yukata Ver.

Today I received Ayanami Rei in Yukata by koto, huge thanks to Green for her! I'm kinda tired today so I won't write too much, I really like the figure, though I don't really associate her with Rei. I took some pictures on my way home, here they are. Living without tripod is pain. I know that many...

TomatheSpook | Фигурки и куклы | 04 окт 2012

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