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Wakui Keita

Японское имя: 和久井 啓太
Date of Birth: 8 December
Age: 16
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 47kg

Keita is unfriendly and doesn't like to get close with others, being a lone wolf by choice. Even though he typically ignores cries for help, he usually assists others anyway using his amazing strength to accomplish tasks by his lonesome. He is obsessed with getting stronger, noted by how he is constantly training on his punching bag or how he has a thick rivalry with strong opponents.

He seems to be at odds with most of JP's, especially Fumi, Hinako, Jungo, and, to an extent, the protagonist. Keita mentions that he dislikes women from Osaka.

Voiced by: Fuko Saito


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Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Trading Rubber Strap: Wakui Keita

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