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Asuka Momoko

Японское имя: 飛鳥ももこ
Прозвище: Majo Monroe, Mindy
Momoko Asuka is a transfer student from New York City and was the apprentice of the late Majo Monroe. Her father is an architect, and her mother is a photographer. She becomes friends with Doremi and the others, who teach her how to speak Japanese. In return, she spends her time teaching them how to bake during Motto! Ojamajo Doremi. Her most prized possession is an earring given to her by Majo Monroe before she passed away. She loved her so much that she even attempted to use forbidden magic to bring her back to life. Momoko returns to America at the end of the series. Her fairy is Nini, who can speak English when in human form like Momoko can. Momoko's theme color is yellow and her crystal is a yellow three-leaf clover. In Ojamajo Kids, she is portrayed by Chisato Maeda. Momoko's birthday is May 6.


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Родственное аниме:
Ojamajo Doremi Season 1 TV 51 7.19 7.13
Ojamajo Doremi # Season 2 TV 49 6.91 6.25
Ojamajo Doremi # Movie Movie 1 Movie 1 7.1 6.5
Motto! Ojamajo Doremi Season 3 TV 50 6.69 5.8
Motto! Ojamajo Doremi - Secret of the Frog Stone Movie 2 Movie 1 7 5
Ojamajo Doremi DOKKAAN! Season 4 TV 51 6.9 5.5
Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho Side story OVA 13 6.9 5.5
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Motto! Ojamajo Doremi DX Vol.2: Asuka Momoko

PVC, Bandai

Rating: 3 | Comments: 0

Petit Pretty Figure Series: Asuka Momoko & Nini

PVC, ABS, PA, Evolution-Toy

Rating: 4 | Comments: 0

Petit Pretty Figure Series: Asuka Momoko

PA, PVC, Evolution-Toy

Rating: 4 | Comments: 1

Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan DX Vol.2 Momoko

ATBC-PVC, Bandai

Rating: 2 | Comments: 0

Asuka Momoko Witch Apprentice Costume Ver.

ATBC-PVC, Bandai

Rating: 1 | Comments: 0

Motto! Ojamajo Doremi DX Vol.1: Asuka Momoko

PVC, ABS, Bandai

Rating: 1 | Comments: 0

Asuka Momoko Keychain Christmas Witch Uniform Ver.


Rating: 2 | Comments: 0

Asuka Momoko Keychain Santa Suit Ver.


Rating: 2 | Comments: 0

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