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Zeibel Keel

Японское имя: キール・ツァイベル
Game Tales of Eternia

Age 17
Hometown Rasheans
Weight 51 kg
Height 174 cm
Weapon Rod / Mace
Japanese Voice Actor Soichiro Hoshi

Keel Zeibel is one of main protagonists of Tales of Eternia.

Keel is a scholarly researcher who spends his time at Mintche University, investigating Craymels and their applications. Keel has the ability to cast offensive magic and summon based on what Greater Craymels are assigned to him. Keel fights with staves and maces, but his physical status is unimpressive, and it is often because of him that the party has to take pauses in their journey.

Keee grew up in Rasheans with his parents, Gizro and Lamina. He was friends with Rid and Farah and was involved in going to Regulus Knoll in search of "star fragments." At 13, he enrolled in Minche University, where he became a research assistant in the Light Craymelology department. He created the theory of World Chain Destruction, for which he was kicked out of the University. He left for the Mt. Minche Observatory, which is where Rid, Farah, and Meredy eventually find him. At the end of the story, he chooses to stay in Celestia with Meredy.

Although Keel is obviously the smartest playable character in the party, he is completely clueless when it comes to the real world. Having spent so much time wrapped in his studies and books of facts, he cannot see in shades of grey at first. Things are either black or white, true or false. This is why Keel is so stubborn and hard to deal with, because he has based his entire life on right and wrong. Through the journey, he evolves away from this shell of his and manages to see the "maybes" and to believe based on faith alone.

Keel was renamed into "Keele" in North America localization.


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