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Kasugano Tsubaki

Японское имя: 春日野 椿
Прозвище: Omekata, Sixth
Tsubaki Kasugano is a maiden and figurehead of the Onukata religion. Her "Thousand League Eyes" diary is unlike the other diaries, as it is a scroll, rather than a cell phone. As its name would suggest, it is able to report the future of all her followers; allowing her to gain some form of mind control over them. Unlike Yukiteru's diary, it is not limited to just her surroundings, but also sees far events, such as seeing the events Yuki had accomplished a great distance away from where she resides. Her diary can also record near events; the short-term future that will occur after only a few seconds away from the present. This provides Tsubaki with massive amounts of information to work with. However, it can pose as a hindance in times where a situation changes constantly or when she needs to react quickly.



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