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Geil J

J. Geil is the man responsible for the murder of Polnareff's sister, earning him Polnareff's desire for revenge.

J. Geil expend most of his time hiding from plain view, preferring to have a partner in which to relay on. This made him a perfect candidate for Hol Horse who like him believe working in pairs. He would hide in the shadows while Hol Horse broke the glass needed for his stand to work and sometimes they would do combination attack, such as Hal Horse breaking glass and J. Gail attacking while Hol Horse shot a bullet from his Stand, the Emperor, locking the enemy in a mortal circle.

His stand The Hanged man is a stand that attacks via reflections. The Hanged Man will not actually attack a person. Instead, it will appear in a reflective surface and attack a person's reflection. The person him or her self will then bear the results of the attack, seemingly from an invisible assailant.

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