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Katsura Hinagiku

Японское имя: 桂ヒナギク
Прозвище: Hina, Muteki-senpai
Hinagiku is the current student council president, and kendo club president at Hakuou Academy, the school that Nagi, Isumi, and eventually Hayate attends. She is fifteen (later sixteen) and is an expert with swords, specifically kendo. She first meets Hayate when he gets lost on the huge Hakuou campus and invites him to the top of the clocktower, where only student council elites are allowed. She allows Hayate to call her by her first name and also seems to be infatuated by Hayate and his attractive personality.

Hinagiku is sometimes referred to as being rather masculine for a girl by other characters in the series. Miki suggests this is because Hinagiku is seen as being "cooler" than the boys, and the fact that she was rather domineering at a younger age. Her athleticism, competitiveness, and leadership position all also probably contribute to this view. Despite having such strong traits, Hinagiku is actually terrified of heights.



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Hayate no Gotoku! Season 1 TV 52 7.47 7.49
Hayate no Gotoku!! OVA OVA 1 OVA 1 7.31 7.32
Hayate no Gotoku!! Season 2 TV 25 7.69 7.76
Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven Is a Place on Earth Movie Movie 1 7.47 7.54
Hayate no Gotoku! Can't Take My Eyes Off You Season 3 TV 12 7.27 7.28
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Katsura Hinagiku

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Nendoroid Katsura Hinagiku

PVC, ABS, Max Factory

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Resinya! Portrait Collection: Katsura Hinagiku

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Katsura Hinagiku On the stage Ver.

1/8, PVC, Kotobukiya

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EX Summer Beach Figure Hinagiku Katsura

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Katsura Hinagiku Swim Suit Ver.

1/6, PVC, Kotobukiya

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Katsura Hinagiku

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Hinagiku Katsura Special Swimsuit Ver.

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Hinagiku Katsura Special Maid Ver.

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Katsura Hinagiku Miyazawa Limited Edition

1/8, PVC, ABS, Kotobukiya

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Color Collection Hayate the Combat Butler: Katsura Hinagiku

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High Grade Figure Katsura Hinagiku Clear Hair Ver.

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Katsura Hinagiku Maid (Clear Hair) Ver.

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Hayate the Combat Butler! ViVimus Rubber Strap Collection: Katsura Hinagiku

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Hinagiku Katsura Nekomimi ver.

1/6, PVC, ABS, Orca Toys

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