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Tsuchimiya Kagura

Японское имя: 土宮 神楽
Voiced by: Minori Chihara

Always smiling, Kagura is the heroine of the story. She is feisty and ambitious and can put up a good fight with her spiritual beast, the Ga-Rei Byakuei (nicknamed Shirō), an inugami who resembles a large white dragon. She controls Byakuei from the seal on her back and a long chain that connects her soul to his, so any damage Byakuei receives also damages her as well. Over time, she becomes stronger and more motivated because of the support that Kensuke gives her. She shows signs of having feelings for Kensuke, as she gets jealous when Shizuru and Kensuke are spotted alone together and is shocked when Kyouko tells her that she should go out with Kensuke if she's worried about him. Although she initially treats Shizuru as a rival, they become closer as events in the manga progress.

The anime shows a younger Kagura. Originally a shy, dutiful and sad young girl, her meeting with Yomi after her mother's death changed her life. She came to love Yomi, who treated her like a sister, and was under great emotional stress when she found out that Yomi had turned against the Agency and all of humanity.

In the anime, Kagura receives Byakuei from her father prior to his death, and her new weapon from Michael Kohara, the "Michael 13." The "Michael 13" would later be destroyed in a battle with Yomi, which is why Kensuke received the "Michael 12" instead of the 13. In the same battle that broke the "Michael 13," Kagura killed Yomi with the weapon Noriyuki left before his departure. Her bitter victory was a key which unlocked her restraints against fighting former-humans, as, according to Iwahata, once she killed the most important person to her, she would no longer have any reservations about killing anything else.

After gaining all of the sesshōseki and being deemed the victor, Kagura becomes the Kyuubi itself and rampages across the city, eventually being stopped by Kensuke. She has lost her memories as a result. She attends Kensuke's school and makes a temporary Psychic Consultant group. She's decided to continue the spirit investigations feeling it may unlock something.

Kagura regains some of her memories in chapters 38 and 39, and immediately recognizes "Izumi Isoyama" as Yomi. This causes Izumi/Yomi's transformation into a monster because of the sesshōseki. However, before Kensuke can stab Yomi, Kagura steps in front of his blade, removing the evil from Yomi and causing her to revert back into Izumi. She breaks her out of the Agency and goes on the run before "Judgement Day" caught up with them, during the struggle she finally remembers Kensuke.

She is known by the members of "Judgement Day" as the "White Priestess", the opposite of Yomi.


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figma Kagura Tsuchimiya

PVC, ABS, Max Factory

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Tsuchimiya Kagura

1/6, PVC, ABS, Yamato

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Tsuchimiya Kagura

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Tsuchimiya Kagura

Resin, Fragi-Ragi, Oersted

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Tsuchimiya Kagura

Resin, Mogura no Yama

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